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Jesus Commissions the Disciples

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Within Easter Octave

Mark 16:9-15

After resurrection Jesus had continuously appeared to his disciples in different form for 40 days and shown them that he is alive. All the gospel author recorded clearly that early morning on the first day of the week Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. He assured her that he is alive and instructed her to inform his disciples to meet him at Galilee. The Testimony of Mary Magdalene was not accepted by his disciples. After that Jesus appeared to 2 of his disciples who were walking into country and they too shared their testimony to disciples but they didn’t believe them. Finally Jesus appeared to all the 11 disciples when they sat at the table. Jesus rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart and asked them to believe him. As soon as disciples believed in Jesus resurrection they got an opportunity to sent for mission to proclaim the good news to entire world. 

Unbelief of disciples :  Resurrection is a unique event, something unheard in Jewish society, secondly first testimony shared by woman was not acceptable as per Jewish tradition. Thirdly, disciples heart and mind was dull to accept the testimony of others. Finally, Jesus appeared to them when they sat at table, this appearance or self encounter helped the disciples to believe him. At last supper Jesus  took the bread, thanked God, broke it, and distributed to his disciples similar act Jesus is doing again to help his disciples to come out of unbelief state of mind. when Jesus broke the bread their  heart and mind got opened and they recognized the physical presence of Jesus. This personal encounter of each disciples helped them to come out of their unbelief and make them stand firm in their call thus many of them were become saint and martyr in the church.

Yes, friend sometimes like disciples we too fail  to recognize Jesus presence in our life due to lack of knowledge of word of God, lack of awareness on importance of Eucharist and sacraments, Jesus continuously giving us message and assure his presence in our life . Jesus take efforts again and again and help us to overcome all the anxiety and confusion state of mind. Am i in a good state of mind to see, hear, sense, and feel the presence of Jesus in Eucharist, sacraments and word of God. Let’s examine our conscience what is lacking in me to believe resurrection of Jesus in my life and bore witness to him.

Bible Verse For Today

Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints, to those who turn to him in their hearts.
Ps 85:8

Saints For Today

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