The Purpose of John’s Gospel


Reflection on the Gospel

of the Second Sunday of Easter

(Divine Mercy Sunday)

John 20:19-31

Faith, it is easy to express when circumstances are fantastic. Faith is challenged during times of difficulty. However, the strength of one’s faith is truly determined when it’s tested. Faith is not based exclusively on fact or logic but it is an experience. Having faith in anyone requires a relationship of trust. We certainly do not have faith in a stranger. Although Jesus was not a stranger to the disciples, today’s Gospel focuses on their failure to understand the message of Easter. Jesus was not dead, He had risen and was Alive. The disciples failed to acknowledge that Jesus could rise from the dead. They had lost hope, their mission died along with the death of Jesus. Thomas did not believe that Jesus was alive but was sure that Jesus had died.
Today as Christians of the contemporary era, where doubts can be cleared by easily accessible information and technology at our fingertips. Does our faith fail when we seek answers for difficult situations and do not receive it?  Do we consider God’s silence as the absence of the Living God? Do we at times kill hope because we are unable to recognize God living with us in every situation of our life?