Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jesus Cleanses the Temple


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Thirty-Third Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 19:45-48

Jesus has entered Jerusalem and he is being welcomed as ‘King’.. a King of a different kind – of love and peace, of the poor, tax collectors, the sick etc . He is saddened by current state of Jerusalem. He knows well that this city whose name means ‘City of Peace” does not accept him as the God’s agent of Peace. 

His reaction at the temple which follows, is a symbolic action. It shows the problem of the people’s deteriorating relationship with God, through their temple worship. So Jesus angrily goes about cleansing the temple quoting two prophets Isa 56:7 and Jer 7:11. He then starts teaching in the temple.

The Pharisees are very upset with this action and plot to kill him. They saw how the common people held on to his words and followed him. They were threatened by Jesus teaching in the temple, lest they lose more of their community and followers. 

Jesus reacted and took action against the wrong practices that were taking place in the name of temple worship. We reflect on our own actions, in similar situations.  Are we ready to stand up against any wrong doings which we are witness to. Are we assertive enough to make a point. 

As we prepare to receive Christ as our ‘King’ we ask for God’s grace to be meek yet strong and to be discerning and take action where required, to lead by example. 

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