Jesus Blesses Little Children

Jesus Blesses Little Children


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

Of The Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 10:13-16

Most of the teaching of Jesus was in the form of parable. Jesus try to explain kingdom of God through parables like parable of sower, parable of pearls, parables of drawing in the net, parable of yeast, parable of hidden treasures, parable of mustard seeds and many more. Through today’s  gospel passage Jesus reveals kingdom of God by welcoming and blessing the little children and  concluded the passage saying kingdom of God belong to little children do not hinder them. Let’s reflect on it.

No one in the world hates little children. Every one love and like to have little children in their arms. We love little children attitude, behavior, character and innocent nature etc. Some characteristics of little children: 

  1. They always happy and in smiley face in all the circumstance.
  2. They always depends on their parents for their needs and wants.
  3. They always keep their trust in their parents.
  4. They always obey their parents strict disciplinary action.
  5. They never grumble but accept delay in receiving things from their parents.
  6. They easily forgive and forgets things happened in their life.

 We are opposite to the above mentioned characters

  1. Psalm 37:4 says “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” but in all the circumstances we never delight in Lord.
  2.  We first depends on our own strength and efforts.
  3. We keep our trust on perishable things on the world.
  4. During temptation period we never accept God’s disciplinary action in our life and starts moving away from God.
  5. If our prayers gets delayed or unanswered then without any patience we lament over it and dictate God all the good deeds done by us to others in our life is forgotten by God.
  6. We always expects others to forgive us but we never ready to forgive others instead shall take revenge.

Yes, friends its time to do the reflection on our own self. Avoid anger, revenge, arrogance, pride, ego etc. Instead have patience, love, humble, happiness and make ourself like little children to enter kingdom of God.

Jesus is awaiting with open hands  to welcome and bless us are we ready to become like little children.

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