Teaching about Divorce


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday

Of The Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 10:1-12

Wherever Jesus went, crowds followed him – he was that magnet that drew people to himself and in turn to Abba Father. The teachings that he gave was for applying the truth to their life and to live with them. The Pharisees however, only wanted to keep trapping him with questions they thought he could not answer. 

The question on divorce was a tricky one, the practice that was prevalent as per the Mosaic law but not in line with God’s intention of creating Man and Woman. Jesus beautifully explains the relationship of a man & woman, joined together by God to become one! A relationship like the one God has with his bride ‘the church’. 

We are his bride, joined together by God himself, created by him and loved unconditionally by him. As a loving bride, we should prepare ourselves to be in complete communion with God, never to be separated by the anxieties and fears of this world.

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