Jesus As Peace


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

In The Fifth Week Of Easter

John 14:27-31a

Because Lord you have made us for Yourself, our hearts will be restless till they find their rest in You,” these are the words of St. Augustine, and they are profound. To put it a little differently, we have a God Shaped Hole in our beings. Yes, we were made for God, and designed that God very much share our lives and being with Him. And not to have him in our lives, is like having our boat in stormy weather, very much like when the Apostles/Disciples panicked when their boat was in a storm, minus Jesus.

And when Jesus is with us and in us, nothing can spoil/take away the joy and peace in us, because he completes us with His Presence, Wisdom, Sensibility, because he is joy, peace, balance and tranquillity. Hold on to Him then, and everything that will come you way will not pull you down, but will bless you.

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