Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel

of the Third Sunday of Easter

John 21:1-19


In today’s Gospel we shall reflect on three aspects. Firstly, post the resurrection we observe that the disciples have lost hope and abandoned their mission yet again. They were supposed to be fisher’s of men rather they have become hopeless and gone back to their old way of living fishing for a livelihood. They catch nothing until the risen Lord appears once again to help them. The disciples have given up on the mission but Jesus hasn’t given up on His disciples. Secondly, Jesus has some fish on the fire yet He asks the disciples to contribute some of their own catch as well. It is a fantastic scene where the story appears to be similar to the first call of His disciples who had struggled all night and caught nothing and were only successful after following the instructions of Jesus. It is perhaps a reminder of the call and a new beginning for the same mission. Thirdly, the mission isn’t going to be successful without a leader. Jesus appoints Peter as leader and gives him authority to execute the mission head knowing that Peter will be abiding in the love and graces of Lord Jesus.
We too may have lost hope and found it easier to get back to our old habits but we are to remain hopeful because our Living God is with us, He understands our weakness and is willing to help us if we can contribute the little fish that we have caught, accepting His graces and responding to His love.