Jesus Walks on the Water

Jesus Walks on the Water

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Second Week Of Easter

John 6:16-21

Today’s Gospel passage talks about Jesus walking on the water. After feeding 5000 people on the mountain, Jesus instructed his disciples to reach the other side of the lake i.e. reach out to the gentile people and proclaim the good news. On the way the disciples will find it difficult to reach the appointed destiny. With their professional skill and efforts they could not reach the destiny. 

Reason the disciples could not reach their destiny :

  1. Travelling in darkness (without Jesus)
  2. Filled with fear
  3. Lack of courage or braveness  to face challenges in their journey
  4. Dullness to recognize the light in the darkness (Jesus). Here the Lake represents the world, boats represents Life, strong winds represents tough times or struggling time, darkness represents absence of Jesus, walking of Jesus on water represents ray of hope in darkness.

Like the disciples we too are called for a special purpose in this world. While on our journey in the world, suddenly unexpected the wind blows in our life and make us very scared to move our boat in the lake. These are very crucial moments in every body’s life and most of us fail to recognize or put their hope and seek or focus on worldly things thus we get diverted from our mission or task given to us. But, Jesus who has called us on his mission, will never abandon us instead he proactively approaches us and bring light in the darkness of our life. Once we received the light (Jesus) into our boat it dispels all the darkness in our life and gives us a new beginning, a new hope and a new reason for living in the world.

Always remember however worst the situation you are in; yet still go to Jesus who is in complete control of your life. Trust in Him and you will see changes in your life. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus (meaning trust him to help you), He will lift you up and help you to reach your destiny.

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