Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday In The Thirty-Third Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 19:1-10

This story is wonderful. Here is Jesus not preaching and teaching anyone, yet there is a total conversion of heart in a person.

By now Jesus’ fame as a miracle worker, healer, man of God, prophet and possible as the Christ had already gone far and wide… Large crowds gathered to see who he was, for themselves. One day Zacchaeus, comes to know that Jesus is come into his town. But there were two problems. Since all the people had gathered to see Jesus, there was no possibility for him of catch a glimpse of this Jesus, because he was short in height. And the other, the people would have shooed him away, because he was a pariah to them because he sided with the Romans, by being one of their Tax Collectors, a chief Tax Collector at that. He notices a nearby tree and climbs it, and lo and behold Jesus comes directly towards him and calls him by name, ‘Zacchaeus, come down, I will dine with you today.’

Wow, we do not understand the healing Jesus has extended to Zacchaeus. First knowledge of him, second talking with him and associating with him, third acceptance of him as he is – a despised Tax Collector. Zacchaeus needs no other action, Jesus has broken all chains of self-resentment and self-despisement, in him. Extended to him the Love of the Father, and given him purpose and hope.

Zacchaeus’ reaction of restitution, is his gratitude to what God did for him in that moment.

I would like to invite you to place yourself in Zacchaeus place, and know that Jesus is there below the tree, and is asking you – ___________, come down! I am coming to your home for lunch/dinner. Do not waste this moment, jump down from that tree and run to Jesus, throw your arms around him , and embrace him. You are not called to do much, just open the door of your heart and let Jesus come in. I promise you you will never regret this decision. Try Him!

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