Jesus and Thomas

Jesus and Thomas


Reflection on the Gospel of the Fourteenth Sunday

In Ordinary Time

(Solemnity: Sr. Thomas, Apostle of India)

John 20:24-29

There is never a right or a wrong course in terms of engaging with God, trusting Him and loving Him. We all come with our baggage, and based on this and our own experience of God, we respond accordingly. It is never difficult or impossible for God to melt down our defences and objections, and reveal himself to us fully, giving us convictions. But he will never impress/force Himself on us.

In all the resurrection appearances, we see Him reaching out to people, to remove disbelief, like Mary Magdalene, the two on the road to Emmaus, the Apostles, and in todays Gospel Reflection, Thomas. The Most important thing though is what will you do when he does reveal Himself to you. Because for some of us it will never be dramatic or some may never see Him with their eyes or vocally hear him. Their experience may be those nudges they encounter – telling them the right way ahead. Then how is it that we respond? We have two examples to look at in this context. The Jewish Nation, especially their leaders, it was plain who Jesus was/is, especially after the resurrection, yet they choose to remain where they were.

The Second example is Thomas, we do not know why Thomas was not with the other Apostles. Some show Him as brave and courageous etc, to be out in the streets, when the authorities were precisely looking out to stamp out any and all of the Jesus – Messiah movement. Maybe he was in self doubt, and denial because of Jesus’ Crucifixion and His own betrayal. We do not know, but we do know His reaction when confronted by Jesus. My Lord and My God. Such a powerful proclamation of Faith. Yes! nothing is wrong in our pursuit of God, as long as we still continue to come before God in sincerity and truth, and do not use the name and person of Jesus as self-serving people.

Look into yourself today, you may have doubts like Thomas, or whatever reservation, approach God and speak to Him about them. Speak to Him even about your sinfulness. Do not be afraid, he already knows all this, and yet he comes to you and knocks on the door of your heart. No not because you are a saint, and no not because you are a sinner. He comes because He loves you, He wants to come in and He wants to share His Life with you. The rest then we can say will be history… I urge you try Him

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