Jesus and the Beloved Disciple

Jesus and the Beloved Disciple


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Seventh Week Of Easter

John 21:20-25

Today’s gospel passage is an unique passage and recorded only in John Gospel. Peter was given a role to be a good shepherd like his master to tend and feed the sheep. Jesus predicted his nature of death. Similarly, Jesus predicted that John shall live long life and bear witness to him. Among all the apostles only John got a privilege to see vision about end time and 1000 year ruling of Messiah. John recorded his vision in the book of revelations and encouraging each us to live for Christ.

Peter and John was very close to Jesus heart and understood Jesus very well more than other disciples. This we come to know through confession of Peter and John at last supper lean on Jesus breast. Jesus too loved these 2 disciples more than others this we come know through 2 instance in the bible. Raising Jairus daughter from death and transfiguration of Jesus at Mount Tabor Jesus took only his beloved disciples ie Peter, John and James. Jesus had a special call for Peter and John. Jesus made Peter as head of the church and under his leadership church expanded across the world. Peter become apostles for Jews and Paul become apostles for gentile and witnessed for Jesus Christ.

John lived long life and bore witness to Christ. John got vision from God about new heaven and earth. John saw Jesus as king and under his ruling there is no weeping and mourning, hungry and thirst, no evil doer, everywhere people living in peace and harmony life. All holy ones (saints) and martyr are ruling the world along with Jesus, thus he gave hope to all the people to bear and sustain in suffering for the sake of Jesus. 

Today we too are loved and called for special purpose by Jesus am I doing my role and bear witness to Christ like apostles.

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