Jesus Again Foretells His Death

Jesus Again Foretells His Death


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Twenty-Fifth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 9:43b-45

Jesus throughout his life journey in the world have done good deeds to all. His name was famous in Jewish community. People from different location heard news about Jesus preaching , teaching and  healing and received blessing in their life. Thus, Jesus became a blessing among Jewish and gentile. Jesus was very much focused on his call and purpose. He started working towards it. Today passage clearly says Jesus has come to laid down his life for all. Through his passion, death and resurrection whole world shall be saved from sin which his disciples understood later and became an ambassador for Christ.

From world creation to till now, God is calling each one of us and making blessing for others. God called Abraham and used him as an instrument to bless the entire nation thus he became a blessing for others. God separated Joseph from his family and used him at the time of famine and saved Israel family (Jacob family) thus 12 tribes saved during famine. God anointed David and through him he established united kingdom to lead the people in Jerusalem. In new testament God choose Mary to become a mother of Jesus and through her world received the salvation. Jesus separated his disciples from community and trained them thus today his apostles became a blessing for many people.

Gods calling is still working in the world. God continuously speaking to us in different form. You are created for special purpose ie, blessing for others. Like Abraham, Joseph, David and Mary God has separated us from this community to bear witness to his son Christ. Are we ready to stand for Christ?

Are we ready to sacrifice our own dreams and vision? Are we ready to let’s go things in our life? Are we ready to bear suffering like Jesus?

If our answer yes to these question then definitely you will a great blessing for others in the family and society

without pain there is no gain

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