Bread from Heaven: Jesus the Bread of Eternal Life


John 6:44-51


Jesus is the Word made flesh and this Word is the food that we all need. Jesus teaches us with Authority and power, the authority which He has received from The Heavenly Father. By this authority He feeds us by offering us himself to us, in Word and Flesh. Are we willing to receive Him?

The Lord through the Word of God teaches and reveals us the beginning and the end for all man – Himself. He places before us The Law, The Prophets, The Wisdom and unveils the whole scriptural meaning of what it means to be fed/nourished by God, and then completes it in Himself, when he identifies himself as the Bread from Heaven, which everyone can feed upon. In Jesus identifying himself as Heavenly Bread of Eternal Life, which nourishes man are we willing to read scripture, identify and embrace the Lord in the Eucharist, embrace the Father in and through Jesus?. The Word of God is Jesus- God Himself and when we gaze and go closer to him, He blesses and nourishes us with life. Jesus is The Bread of Life who nourishes us spiritually, Do we receive, do we eat this bread in faith, yes when we do this we are filled with life, strength, wisdom and understanding which is heavenly in origin, not earthly.

The manna in the wilderness sustained the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land. The bread which Jesus offers is giving abundance life of God for all eternity, beginning here and now. When we eat this living Bread, the Eucharist, The living Christ transforms us, He gives his life to us and Unites us with himself. This Sacrament of The Eucharist fills us with Grace. are we ready to transform our life ? Let us Pray to the Holy Spirit to make us available to receive this food and nourishment .