Humility and Hospitality

Humility and Hospitality


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Thirtieth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 14:1,7-11

In today’s gospel we see Jesus being invited to a meal by a chief Pharisee. There he notices how people claimed places of importance and thus self glorification. Looking at the crowd Jesus taught them by sharing with them a parable highlighting guests invited to a Wedding Banquet. The main theme of that parable and this passage is ‘humility’. Let’s reflects on the word “humbleness”

In Jews community Pharisees were known for their pride in tradition and the Law of Moses, but Jesus invited them to be humble. To be humble means to empty oneself of the problem of “I” that is our ego. This was the biggest problem with the Pharisees, they were full of themselves and boastful about their power and wealth. Thus their followers also followed in their footsteps. Therefore Jesus is this passage is helping the Pharisees see a kernel of truth in their everyday way of life. They are invited not to be roaming here and there, seeking a honourable place to sit. Some times people pay for status in society and become proud of this. We have such people still living among us. For example, if some one is blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and is in full time ministry, then such person a person needs to be humble himself/herself and never boast about their actions or the miracles or wonders happening in and through them. The opposite is easy; i.e. their ego or pride will take over and make them fall from the high place they are at, just like King Saul, from the Old Testament. A person who is always humble in nature, will be always sustained in God’s work and bring change in others life and encourage others also to work hard to established God’ Kingdom in the own life and in the world.

Benefits of humbleness:

  1. Humility is the gateway to all the virtues of God
  2. Humility is the ladder that helps us to climb up and become closer to God
  3. Humility keeps us grounded and balanced with a right attitude in the world.
  4. Humility helps us to face the truth and accept our strength and weakness.

So, friends “Be humble or else we shall take a tumble in our life”

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