Herods Perplexity


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
Of The Twenty-Fifth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 9:7-9

Herod the tetrarch was continuously updated about Jesus’s teachings and healing and the service he was giving to all and everywhere. In the previous verses we see Jesus’s authority and power over unclean spirit, healing of the paralytic, Jesus’ curing the leper,  restoring the man with the withered hand, working on sabbath, healing the centurions slave, his compassion on the widow to the point of raising the dead at Nain, calming the storm, demons leaving the man at Gerasene, the girl restored to life, woman restored to dignity, mission given to the disciples and his disciple healing all everywhere. Herod was perplexed by all this, He sought to see Jesus but his desire to see him was unfulfilled until Jesus’ trial.

Where do we see our selves today? as Herod? are we awaiting for a healing or blessing? Have we received his teachings and healings as his disciples?

Holy Spirit help us to discern the things which are of God in our everyday living. Help us to reflect and contemplate on God’s Word.

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