God’s Chosen Servant

God’s Chosen Servant


Reflection on the Gospel of Saturday In The Fifteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 12:14-21


Today’s Gospel passage clearly describe the role of the servant chosen by God. God had chosen His servant (Jesus) and had given him his spirit, in order that he may bring judgement and teaching to the nations and accomplish his work without any violence. This text is also a part of 4 Servant Songs in the Old Testament book of Isaiah. The role of the servant (Jesus) is classified into 4 categories. 

  1. The Chosen servant will work with God’s power
  2. The Chosen servant will be humble
  3. The Chosen servant will bring justice to the nations
  4. The Chosen servant will instruct the nations
  1. Jesus throughout his ministry and lifetime was fully filled with God’s spirit. He moved his life as per the guidance of the spirit. All the wonders and miracles were performed by Jesus were due to the power of God. All the sick and demon possessed people got cured from their sickness and followed him, and eventually came to recognise him as the Messiah/Son of God. Because of this Jesus became a threat to the Pharisees, Sadducees, and others having ulterior motive, from Jewish community.
  2. Jesus throughout his life time was very humble and was accompanied by ordinary fishermen. He did not have worldly power, authority and wealth, yet he took a stand for the poor, those helpless and those who were victims of oppression by the wealthy and powerful. As prophet Isaiah rightly predicted that “ He will not quarrel or cry aloud nor make noise like an empty gong. A bruised reed he will not break and snuff out a smouldering wick, here a bruised reed and smouldering wick represents the poor and helpless.
  3. The Jewish people expected their Saviour-Messiah to be a mighty warrior, someone like King David, a powerful freedom fighter. The Jewish assumed that the Messiah through violence bring salvation for them from subjugation to the Romans and fight for their justice. In contrast without any violence and without any mighty force Jesus, fought and brought justice to all the people.
  4. Moses as a chosen servant of God instructed the Israelite people and also the priest through whom a covenant with God was made at Mount Sinai. Teachers of the Law and the Elders, with their own weakness and shortcoming instructed the people, based on their flawed understanding, and the flawed ways of the world around them. Jesus through God’s Spirit taught the Truth, preaching and instructing the people how they could live holy lives, which would show them the path to eternal life. Jesus therefore made a covenant with God, where he was the priest and the sacrifice at Mount Calvary. Thus, he made the way for all (Jews/gentile) to take, to receive Eternal Life.

We too, all of us are chosen by God in Christ to accomplish the mission God has set aside for us, ie. “ Go Into all the world and proclaim the Good news to whole creation” (Mark 16:15) Let’s patiently wait in the presence of God and be filled with His spirit, humbling ourselves before God and bring hope, where there is despair and proclaim good news to the entire world.

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