Forgiveness Seventy Times Seven


Matthew 18:21-35


Back in the book of Genesis, soon after the Cain and Abel incident, one of Cain’s descendants made a similar statement of seventy times seven. This person, Lamech is seen informing his two wives that he killed a young boy, for wounding him, but actually he says, it was nothing more than a scratch. And in his self-righteous pride he claims that if God forgave Cain Seven times, he claims forgiveness Seventy Times Seven.

Actually this scene marks the attitude of those times. Self-righteousness and Pride. And this escalated into a major issue for humankind, so much so in the times of Jesus we can see it at play in the Sadducees and Pharisees, who made themselves blind to the person and ministry of Jesus. We too are in a day and age where I, Me, Myself is worshipped. Take a step back and look at your life. Is what you see and understand the only truth, or is it part of a bigger truth. Are you alone in your insight and understanding right, or is there a bigger and better understanding, that can be added to your own. 

When you see this, you will see the importance of Jesus’ instructions to Peter to never withhold from forgiving. The forgiving is release and hope, for the other person but also for you. Then you understand and give yourself the privilege and benefit to be forgiven. Then is when you ascribe for your ownself hope and freedom, because then you have unlocked the doors of your heart to God and love.