A Prophet is Unacceptable in His Own Country


Luke 4:24-30

At so many places you are refused and ruled out, your conversation and talk about the Lord is regarded as less important,  and even in these circumstances the Lord is counting on you to bring a powerful change to society and the people around you. Be resolute to bring the real meaning out of your actions and the treatment you receive. You may be rejected by the world, but you are called  to collaborate with God, to reveal Him to others. For him you are the right person, and he does not look beyond you.

Jesus is a master teacher, he recalls  Elijah and Elisha’s mission  and explains his own situation and treatment, in the way these legendary prophets were treated by the people of their times. As a result Jesus  finds himself put out of the city, had herded to a Hilltop with the intentions of throwing him of it (almost like the goat offered to Azazel).

In comparison, our own treatment is better. Appreciate this and and give thanks. But in another passage in the Gospels, Jesus also tells us to be crafty, and shows here, how he is aided by God to escape through the midst of temptation and evil. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the gift of Counsel and fortitude to stand firm in all situations and also in times of persecution.