Feeding the Five Thousand

Feeding the Five Thousand


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Eighteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 14: 13-21

I have over the years marvelled at the truth of this statement – unless a man show me. it speaks of the reality of humanity. Humanity is blind leading the blind, in the sense that unless we are awoken to something new, we will not accept it. Nor will we broaden the horizon of our understanding, unless someone helps us see beyond them, and again this new awakening will be the new limit of our thought.

Today’s Gospel Reading tells us that Jesus invited His disciples to feed the great crowd, and they were limited by their limited understanding of life and God – we have only five loaves and two fish. And Jesus opened their eyes to the reality of God’s Kingdom and God’s Providence. If hH taught, “Seek First the Kingdom of God,” here He showed that it is not khayali pulao (something impossible – only fit for the imagination). He showed that we can trust God, trust Him with our lives, needs and wants.

If you reflect and self access your faith, you will realise that our faith is limited, because we like the disciples, cling to only what we see, and therefore what we believe is governed by this. We do not make the effort to approach God, because we say say God does not communicate this way and that way. God is subjected to the horizons we set for our lives, based on what society teaches, what we have been explicitly taught and what we want to believe. We do not want to explore beyond our comfort zone.

Jesus invites us today to get into a relationship with Him, Throw away the yeast of presumption and assumption, sit at His feet and learn from Him. Invite Him today to come and remove our reluctance to change, exploring beyond our horizons and give us the most precious gift of having relationship with Him – because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What He gifted His Apostles/Disciples and the rest of those in the First Century, is available today also.

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