Another Exorcist

Another Exorcist


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday

Of The Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 9:38-40

The Apostle John here is showing an exclusive and elitist attitude. Jesus in his mind is only for those who are following Him. Only they, as those empowered by Jesus can work miracles and wonders. All others need to follow the route of discipleship, before they can have the same empowerment.

Jesus with his reply is recasting John’s and our mindset. God is for all, and is not the exclusive property of a few, as was also the mindset of those in power and position like the Pharisees. We cannot appropriate Jesus for ourselves. He is the promised blessing to/of Abraham (Gen 12:1-3), via which the whole world is blessed and united to God.

The Encyclical on the Holy Spirit (Dominum Et Vivificantem) tells us that the Holy Spirit is at work outside the Church in ways and means we do not know/understand. Open your hearts and minds seek the Lord, and be open to the Holy Spirit teaching you to notice his action amongst us. Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-38) were such people. Everyone in the Temple, including the High Priest and the rest, missed the Babe (God the Creator) being brought into the Temple. Only these two insignificant persons were drawn to the Babe, and they recognised.

Surrender then to the Holy Spirit, and let Him teach and guide you.

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