Peter’s Declaration about Jesus

Peter’s Declaration about Jesus

Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday Of The Seventh Week In Ordinary Time

(Feast: Chair Of St. Peter)

Matthew 16:13-19

Just as Jesus inquired of his disciples at Caesarea Philippi, he inquires of us today; “Who do you say I am?” And our answers can be just as varying as they were at that time. And we must dig a little deeper, why our answers are all over the place. What is it that makes us not proclaim like Peter, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

Have we searched for him with sincerity, or have we always approached him with half-hearted expectations? Have we desired deeply for him to be in our lives? Why is it that we are blind to His working in our lives. Why do we miss noticing him?

God wishes to give us faith and insight into who He Is, and how much He loves us, but it is how we approach Him, which can be a block in our life of knowing Him personally and wonderfully. Just as he gave Peter the grace to professes a profound truth, and made him a great man of God, God wishes to do the same for us. Peter was a straight forward man, and spoke and acted what he felt. He was sincere, and also unlike Judas who was unsure where he stood with Jesus. We cannot have duplicity in us, if we desire to grow in a relationship with Jesus, we need to surrender all at the altar, and do all we can to knowing God.

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