Luke 11:14-23

  • The yardstick Jesus gave everyone to understand the source and power of every action
    • Is to look at the results of these actions and power
  • Here was Jesus’ Ministry bearing much and abundant fruit.
    • Many were turning their hearts to God
    • Like the Tax Collectors Matthew and Zacchaeus.
  • Yet those in power were jealous
    • They could not bring themselves about to accept Jesus’ Goodness
    • There were many words of Jesus which indicted them.
    • Here was a opportunity to get back.
  • They labelled the work of God in and through Jesus
    • as coming from the Devil.
    • And we can see the naivety of the accusation
    • Because these accusers had not given any thought to their words
  • Jesus pokes holes in their accusation
    • And in a way confirms that he truly comes from God 
    • And his works are from God.
  • Let us not sit on the fence like the Pharisees and take no side
    • When we see the work of God 
    • And understand his actions
    • May we proclaim this truth.
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