True Greatness & The Parable of the Lost Sheep

True Greatness & The Parable of the Lost Sheep


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday
Of The Nineteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 18:1-5, 10, 12-14

All we like sheep have gone astray…
each of us turning our own separate way…
we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God

This is the truth of our lives, do we acknowledge this and the truth that we need help in our lives? Sheep are short-sighted and gullible, but the fact of is we are trapped in situations of our own doings, not knowing how to get out of them. Humility is key here. The humility to acknowledge we are blind to how to get out of the damning situations we get into. We can either keep on struggling and making the situations worse, or accept the reality of our helplessness and that we need God in our lives – God who can right all things, God who can lead us to pastures safe, calm, peaceful, meaningful and fruitful. If we in humility do not accept the truth of our situations and invite God to come into our lives and help us, we continue to remain in the sinking sand of destruction.

God is cast in this parable as a shepherd going in search for that one lost sheep. And that is the fact we need to acknowledge, God never deserts us to the actions of our destruction. He is always watching us and waiting for us to invite Him to help us. He cannot intervene otherwise because then he would be going against the gift of freedom, freewill and self-determination  that he has given all of us. And true greatness is in this that we accept the proper choice, the perfect choice, the answer to our lives, and also the I completing factor of our lives is God/Jesus.

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