True Greatness

True Greatness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday Of The Twenty-Sixth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 9:46-50

Jesus being who he is, he could read the hearts and minds of the Apostles, but he does not condemn them nor question them but answers their doubts,  How beautifully he explains to them that the one who is the least is the greatest of all.  Those days children were considered the least and had no rights, privileges, positions of their own.  They were at the bottom of the family and at the service of the parents much like the household staff.  Jesus elevates the child and places by his side as a gesture of honour.  Jesus shows them who is the greatest in God’s kingdom?  The one who is humble and lowly of heart — who instead of asserting their rights willingly empty themselves of pride and self-seeking glory by taking the lowly position of a servant or child.

Jesus, himself, is our model.  He came not to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28). Jesus lowered himself (he whose place is at the right hand of God the Father) and took on our lowly nature that he might raise us up and clothe us in his divine nature. 

God wants empty vessels so he can fill them with his own glory, power, and love.  Are you ready to humble yourself and to serve as Jesus did?

Immediately John answers and tells Jesus of another man doing miracles as Jesus did.  But again Jesus says that if he is doing good and not of any threat to them is for them.  We too should learn to accept our brethren who are doing good for the kingdom of heaven and not condemn them.


Let us pray to Jesus to help us empty ourselves of pride and self-seeking glory and be humble to serve our Lord and others.

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