To Live God’s Commandments Is To Abide In God’s Love


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

In The Fifth Week Of Easter

John 15:9-11

We are invited to abide in his Love. To abide in Jesus, to Abide in The Father, To be grafted in The Father-Son-Holy Spirit, and we be able to Love others the same way Jesus Loved us. Jesus exemplified the Fathers Love. The Key is obedience, Keeping his Fathers commandments. Everything He did glorified the Father, Healings, His suffering, the miracles, teachings, commandments, his humility, Jesus gives us the same grace by this invite to abide in his Love. Gives us the grace to receive his Joy and that we may give to others. Disciples’ loving obedience to Christ is reflected in their love for one another. Let Love, Let Christ be seen in our Action. Holy Spirit help us to learn Christ-Love.

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