The Widows Offering

The Widows Offering


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Ninth Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 12: 38-44

Many of the teaching of Jesus are in the form of Parable addressed to different groups of people. Some parables are for an ordinary folk, some are for the Pharisees, some of the Sadducees, some for priest, some for the scribes, and some are for his own disciples. His disciples he taught in a very special way and explained all the parables. Many a occasion Jesus warned his disciples and also suggested and advised them through parable. The today’s Gospel begins with Jesus warning his disciples about Scribes and their holier than thou attitude. Also he contrasts the scribes attitude with that of a poor widow who in humility and sincerity of heart expressed her love for God, quietly giving from the less she has.

The Scribes are well versed with the Law of Moses and instructed the people to follow the same. They always considered themselves as the privilege people of God. Very often they expected people to honour them in public place and they pretend as pious of God. They often concentrate on their own self and least bother about the life of an ordinary people. Jesus warns his disciples not to follow the footsteps of Scribes as they are condemned for their acts. We too are called to serve all people, prudently with whatever  gifts we are given, and bring glory to God.

Secondly, like widow in the gospel, we need to believe and completely depend on God’s providence and surrender to God all our needs and wants, in our mission and life. St. Paul throughout his mission solely depends on Gods providence and he taught his audience in the city of Philippi, my God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 4: 19 . To be a disciples of Christ one should follow the teaching of Christ and practice it in his life time, in the world.

Yes friends, as Romans 11:29 says, “…the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable,”  so be attentive to Gods call and work rigorously for the welfare of the people and build Gods kingdom in the world.

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