The Wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In Christmas Time


John 2: 1-11

Our blessed mother Mary was very sensitive and caring from the birth to death of Jesus at calvary. Mary played an important role in Jesus public ministry as well as in apostles mission. Miracle took place in Cana wedding is the first miracle performed by Jesus. Mary and Jesus was invited for the wedding and there was noisy environment. People were busy in their own business singing, dancing, eating and least bother about shortage of wine in the feast. Mary was noticed that there is shortage of wine in the wedding and it will be a great Embarrass to the family, so Mary voluntarily high lighted the situation to his son to perform the miracle in the life of the newly married couple. This is the first miracle Jesus performed in Cana wedding and blessed the sacrament of matrimony. In the beginning when world created God the father blessed the marriage of Adam and eve similarly, Jesus blessed the wedding at Cana and begins his public ministry.

Today, this loving mother still performing miracles in every bodies life. All the people praising Mary for her love, compassion on needy people. All the intercession made through Mary is always answered by God. It is our responsibility to bring glory to our mother Mary and live a holy life like her. Mother Mary show us a path to true light and help us to have the eternal life.

Let’s us take a resolution today in all the situation will seek the help of Mary and true disciple of Jesus.

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