The Rich Man and Lazarus


Luke 16:19-31


  • This story of the Rich Man and Lazarus is about the hardness of heart.
    • And in the Old Testament the Egyptian Pharaoh of the Exodus is a perfect example
    • Exodus 7:3, and a few other verses speak of God hardening Pharaohs heart.
    • And experts explain this with an example
      • Wax melts in the presence of the warmth of the sun
      • While clay hardens in the presence of the warmth of the sun
    • God is the same yesterday, today and forever
      • i.e. he is good
      • And his grace is available for everyone
    • How we act with respect to Gods grace
      • is what brings us closer to him
      • or takes us away from him
  • The Rich Man in this story had no time for God
    • Life on earth is short
    • How would you like to spend it.
  • Remember Luke 9:25
    • Will it profit you to chase self and treasure on earth
    • Or will it profit to make effort to know God
    • Here and know
    • And for all eternity; so you be able to walk with him.