The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth


Reflection on the Gospel of Friday In The Seventeenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:54-58


Jesus came from the humble and low profile town of Nazareth. A Carpenter’s son was supposed to be helping his father and learning the trade, not speaking volumes about the Love of God and the Kingdom of God! It was very difficult for the people around to comprehend this.

Our natural human  tendency is to follow a practice or a pattern in our thinking and actions. Newness or change is not so easily acceptable to us and our immediate response is to reject it or push it away or worse, feel offended and hurt, be it in our professional sphere or our personal relationships.

Jesus experienced rejection from his own people and rather than giving him a listening ear and heart, they wanted to drive him away from the place. Unfortunately, Jesus could not heal and help the people because of their lack of faith. 

We reflect on the blockages in our mind and heart, do we let the precious Word of our Lord seep into our hearts and minds and take root and heal us?

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