The Persecution of Jesus’ Disciples

The Persecution of Jesus’ Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 21:12-19

We spend time doing specialised courses so that we have a better chance to get a better income. We keep our self updated about what’s happening around us in the world so that people think of us as well informed and knowledgeable person. We read a lot so that when we speak, we are recognised as a well read person. Well, My dear brothers and sisters in Christ ask yourself what are you known for? How much time did you invest in mastering the skill or trade that you own? Has anything that you have learnt helped or has prepared you to stand before Christ when He comes back?

Now comes the most important question which is hidden in todays Gospel, a rhetorical question which will give you the answer to the question that has come to your mind after you read the above paragraph of this reflection. ARE YOU LIVING A LIFE WORTHY OF PERSECUTION IN THE NAME AND FOR THE NAME OF CHRIST? I refuse to believe anyone who says that he/she is living a life in accordance to the Word in obedience to Christ, has never faced persecution, social exclusion or are not hated because of the name of Jesus? If you are only famous or loved by all, then there is something wrong. Jesus himself has warned us against those who will hate us and stand against us as our persecutors, be it our parents, brothers, relatives or friends. Yet we spend hours in improving our appearance and status in order to be liked by many. We are so busy proving ourselves to this world as if we are going to live in this social/physical order, for all eternity, forgetting about our eternal saviour who died for us even before we were born, for us to awaken to God’s spirituality . We are least interested in the resurrection offered to us at the cost paid on the cross with God’s blood, but more interested in the lies of the devil that keep us busy though the wrong use of social sites and media.

Even when Jesus warns us about the way the world will treat us when we live and proclaim Christ, He assures us of His constant companionship, grace and mercy which will continue even when we have faced our physical death, but live eternally with Him. We can hear the Holy Spirit wisper in our ears as we read the gospel, “They will seize you but your Liberator and your Lord has already given you a freedom that is eternal. They will persecute you but you are already rewarded with eternal Love by your maker. They will hand you over to synagogues and to prisons but a place in already prepared for you in your eternal home as Jesus your saviour promised. They will have you led before kings and governors but the King of Kings who sits on the right hand of God the father speaks on your defence. It will lead to your giving testimony, a testimony to God’s unconditional love and mercy”.

Its time to stand up for our faith and live it out for the glory of Christ. Lets repent for our selfishness and in humility surrender to God, living and serving through the church, community and family.

Jesus our Lord and Saviour help us to remain in you through service and love for our neighbours, knowing that we our already victorious and rewarded more than we deserve. Amen

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