The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids

The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
Of The Seventeeth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 25:1-13

What sort of readiness have we in life? Actually we can never be ever prepared for anything in life. But if we are in a relationshion with God, he will always inspire you in ways that will keep you ahead of situations and things.

I remember a painful time as a designer where I struggled with getting out a newletter for a new client…, my artwork, almost ready to go to the printers, the software I was using to make the arkwork started to breakdown, and I was in a helpless situation. At that time I could not understand the situation, but was forced to migrate to a new software, which I did not know of much… But today I can see God’s providential push. He was preparing me for the future. Because of my knowledge of this new software, years later, I landed a Job, and it was because of my knowledge of using this very software, and my experience with it, that qualified me for the Job. Amen, that is the way God is always working with all of us… preparing us to be futute ready and relevant.

Jesus knows our future and how to tackle it best. The only thing we can do is to get into a relationship with him. This is oecisely what happened when the Christians in 70AD, looking at the Roman armies marching towards Jerusalem, they remembered Jesus prophecy about the abomination that would destroy the Temple, so taking heed, the christians ran away to the hills, and saved themselved. It was not so good for those who stayed, there was a horrible massacre and the Temple destroyed…

This Parable is asking us to wise up and get ready, by getting into a relationship with God. The faith and relationship of those ready with a relationshp with God, may not be enough for the others, when difficult times come, or even when death comes visiting.

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