The Parable of the Lost Sheep


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Thirty-First Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 15:1-10

Jesus during His ministry physically amongst us, associated with sinners and tax collector’s, visited them and eat with them. This was a taboo according to the teachings of the Pharisees, who considered associating with these people as becoming¬† ritually impure. Their understanding of rituals and the Law with regards f clean, unclean out out castes, especially with regards tax collector’s, was limited by their own stunted understanding of holiness, and what was it that God desired of man. They couldn’t understand how Jesus as a teacher and leader could associate with those polluted and unclean.

Jesus by this action is teaching them that he has come for the lost, to bring them again in the kingdom and unfortunately the ritually clean in the kingdom were the ones who are lost. Jesus wants to rejoice and celebrate bringing back the lost even if it is ONE. Therefore his dining with the sinners and the tax collectors is opening doors for them to enter into the kingdom. Unless we associate with them and understand the lost, we won’t be able to gain or find them to give them hope and bring them back.

Holy Spirit help us to understand your actions and ways, and live them, so we can bring back the outcast into your kingdom. Help us to give your love and compassion to them when we mingle with them.

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