The Mission of the Twelve


Mark 6:7-13


It can be really surprising to read that the extract of today’s Gospel is taken from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and it isn’t the mission given to the early church post Jesus’ Resurrection.  Last Sunday we heard that Jesus was amazed that the people of Nazareth did not have faith in Him and had rejected Him. Suddenly, Jesus decides to send the twelve on mission – they are to go on mission just wearing the clothes on their backs, a pair of sandals and a staff in hand. Observing the reaction of his own in Nazareth, Jesus recognizes a sense of urgency. There is an urgent need to herald the Good News – the Kingdom of God is close at hand. The disciples are supposed to quickly intimate the world by preaching repentance, casting out demons and healing broken humanity by the authority of Jesus.  There’s no time to waste over the unbelievers but leave them with a warning.

So, are you ready to accept Jesus’ Mission call for you? Or are you ready to follow Jesus into the Kingdom of God?  Getting ready would mean repenting: not just feeling sorry for particular sins, but changing one’s entire outlook and aims. Jesus’ agenda left no room for compromise, and no time to waste.

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