The Mission of the Twelve


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Twenty-Fifth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 9:1-6

This is training in advance, for when the young Church would have to live by what it professes (Church of the Acts of the Apostles), and these very 12 would then be the pillars on which the Church will have been built.

Simply put this is baptismal living. Living in the Spirit of God, trusting him, knowing He is with them, everyday, every moment, everywhere, guiding them, providing for them and taking care of them. The Apostles had seen the marvellous work Jesus was doing in their midst, they were witnesses to this. And now Jesus says, they too can do the same things that he was doing. Jesus was with them, they were witness to his ministry, and because of this it was easy to go out on mission, proclaim the same message Jesus was proclaiming. After Pentecost, it would be easy, because they had already experienced this very life, when Jesus had sent them out on mission.

This is one day at a time living, trusting and leaning on Jesus. Let us also learn this lesson, and bear witness to Jesus.

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