The Mission of the Seventy


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Twenty-Sixth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 10:1-12

Jesus sends his disciples to every town and place where he himself intended to go. He transfers his power and Authority to the seventy he chose. This is parallel to Moses himself being guided to choose seventy elders and bless them with a little of God’s Spirit. Jesus’ mission is now the mission of the Seventy and it is to proclaim and preach the kingdom at hand and cure the unwell. This is the same mission and goal Jesus himself was given in the beginning. In terms of human resource to carry out this task, the seventy are too few to carry out, since the the Harvest is great in number, and plentiful is the work and responsibility in the Kingdom/Church. The way to carry out this mission is to do it without any anxiety and worry, as all dues will be timely met and paid. There will be challenges and obstacles in the Kingdom, but they are reminded to be God’s representative, i.e. to be like lambs (agents and representatives of peace), among wolves. They are sent in pairs of two, so they can encourage each other on the journey and witness to each other in hardships and persecutions.

Let us also carry forward this mission and labour for the Kingdom of God. As Christ bearers (i.e. Christians), our very Baptism has empowered and given us the mission to witness to everyone around us and the world. Holy Sprit help us be focused to our own mandate to be Christ’s witnesses, and help us put all our trust in God’s providence.

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