The Man with a Withered Hand

The Man with a Withered Hand


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
In The Twenty-Third Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 6: 6-11

Rules and regulations are good. But they become the center, our lives begin to revolve. They become essential, and then they become Gods. Give it a thought, do not outright reject what I have just said.  We have all indulged in this. When we our with this mindset; compassion, mercy and love become the servants to rules and regulations, when it should be the other way around.

In todays Gospel reading, Jesus inquires what is important, rules and regulations or compassion, mercy and love. And then he proceed to do the right thing.

The Withered Hand man is also a reference to King Jeroboam I who represents the Northern Kingdom of Israel (made up of 10 Tribes of Israel). His Idolatry and insecurity led Israel down the path of destruction, because it began to disassociate with Yahweh, under his regime. His hand also withered when he tried to be brutal to one of God’s prophets. Therefore, that withering also represents Israel. And here is Jesus asking the Jews (mainly compromised of the 2 tribes Benjamin and Judah, from south Israel), do you seek your Brother healed. No response. It seems they have disowned their brother, because of his idolatrous past, and yet forgotten their own flirting with other Gods.

For God all are favourites, and He knows all have failed, yet He holds everyone dear to Himself. Even you! No matter where or what you are -He will continue to love you. He invites you to stretch out your hand to Him in acknowledgement of your condition and your need for help. Acknowledgement that He is the faithful one who has always loved you and all humanity from day one. Make room for Him in your life and He will come, and make His home in you.

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