The Lord’s Prayer


Matthew 6:7-15


God is in continues search of a kind and loving heart who genuinely will offer, talk and enter into a relationship with Him, this is the type of prayer offering He is looking for. Our Heavenly Father knows what we need before we ask him, hence this is more that a formula prayer. God is more happy with us when we dialogue and talk with him, with eagerness, showing our dependence on him. Jesus teaches his Disciples to pray in total surrender, humility and with no show of any spiritual pride. In the Lord’s Prayer we enter into conversation/straight talk with Our Heavenly Father. We see a auto development of invocation and addressing God followed by Petition relating to God’s kingdom and human needs. Do we seek to get self mileage and praise, through the prayers we make? Do we concentrate and focus on length or depth of our prayers? We should rather be concentrating on  approaching God with our heart, fully open, and bare before Our Father, eagerly seeking to engage him in conversation.

Come Holy Spirit , Help me to grow in Relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven.

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