The kingdom of heaven has come near

The kingdom of heaven has come near


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Fourteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 10: 7-15

Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.

You may have several needs, wants, worries, difficulties around you and still not short to if you are falling short of anything, its a sign that you are actively living and experiencing God’s kingdom at hand. To continue experiencing God’s kingdom for us today, we need to live Jesus’ instruction to his disciples. The Kingdom is already take form and shape in the physical world. Remember what Jesus told Pilate; ‘My kingdom is not of this world….’, meaning that yes all the people are his, but what God demands of them is their spiritual acceptance and belief. And to be part of this spirit inspired and fuelled kingdom, we need to begin living Jesus’ teachings, only then we will awake to seeing the ever present kingdom of God around us. And what is the kingdom of God; it is nothing but God’s Presence, put in other words. And God is there, where people invite Him with belief and faith. Belief and Faith is applying and living by Jesus’ view of things and teaching. This means we need to begin by following simple and easy things Jesus taught, and show our trust in Him. This means we do not take gold.. or silver or copper, no sack… knowing God will provide. Only when we try take God’s Instruction at face value, and approach life accordingly, only then we open our heart to Jesus and His actions in our life, then is when we see God providing for us, and the ways of the world need not be followed.

Let us then start making choices that reflect our dependence on Jesus, and not on the ways/requirements of this world, showing Jesus is important to us. These may not be big decisions, but as you gather confidence with living the small way of life depending on Jesus, you will get confidence to live the bigger things.

Holy Spirit help me help me to continuously live in your kingdom with a sharing and caring approach.

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