The Judgment of the Nations


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

In The First Week In Lent

Matthew 25:31-46

The above passage does not need explanation. It is the high point and grand finale of Jesus’ public ministry Jesus is talking of the judgement day when we all will one day come face to face with Our Father in Heaven.  This can be any moment, no one is informed before time.  The Son of Man as king is executing his Father’s will, with a blessing he invites the saved to enter the Kingdom.  He emphasises the need to do good works that is help, give generously, minister to the ones who are lost not just for the Christians but to all human beings.  Many a times we come across our brethren in need, may be at our own homes, neighbourhood, while travelling, at office, school or in church too.  We need to be sensitive to others need and put ourselves in their place.  No one can do this if they do not have a compassionate heart like Jesus.  Jesus does not want us to do a show of our works but just do it and forget about it, not even expecting anything back from the person we helped.  God sees us and he does rewards us and either here on earth or for sure by welcoming in heaven.  Jesus calls the ones in need his brethren and he says that those who ignore the needy ignore God, God puts himself in the needy and how do we treat them.

This text presents a practical religion of deeds of loving-kindness, love of neighbour.  The deeds above provide the six corporal works of mercy in the catechetical tradition and the additional one is to bury the dead.  It is our human obligation, and it presupposes our human moral responsibility and conscience and moreover God taking human actions seriously.

Let us reflect and remember when last we have been of help to someone or when have I refused help to someone.  Many a times we fail to notice the other persons needs.  Not every time will some one come asking for help, we need to be alert and approach the needy and give a helping hand, may be with food, clothing, money, time, advise.  We need to thank God that we are on the giving side, thank God that we have more than enough and can give from the abundance we have.  Let us this lent start the process of sharing, if we have not yet done so.

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