The Harvest Is Great, the Laborers Few

The Harvest Is Great, the Laborers Few

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday Of The Sixth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 9:35-38

We have heard this sentence being quoted from the gospel passage in relation of vocations for a religious life. 

Jesus went about carrying out his mission in different ways, teaching, listening to the people, opening their minds to have a deeper understanding of the scriptures, carrying out both spiritual and physical healing of the sick etc. As he passed through more towns, he came across many more persons who needed healing and to be guided on the right path, the need of a good shepherd. 

The Lord’s observation is a call to each one of us to look around and reach out to those in need and give of our time, resources, even just a kind smile or a listening ear. The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are scattered! How can we get together to reap a more fruitful harvest? 

We pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, to reach out to someone in need and participate wholly in Christ’s mission. 


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