The First Commandment

The First Commandment

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Third Week Of Lent


Mark 12: 28-34

We see many debates and  discussions on very important topics across different fields on TV channels, seminars etc. The thirst for knowledge and understanding drives a person to go deeper, learn more and unearth the true or rather deeper meaning. The possibilities and perspectives can be different but the logic, reasoning & realisation attached is what brings out the truth and meaning of the subject.

Jesus’ wisdom attracted the scribes and learned Sadducees and they were surely impressed with his understanding and perspectives on God’s love. When asked by the Scribe, he very tactfully takes the first commandment of singular devotion and love for God as he is the only one and adds Lev 19:18 a second commandment of loving one’s neighbour as oneself.  By doing this, he brings Love for God at par with Love for our neighbour, thus radically interpreting the love of God for his disciples. 

He bases his teachings on these two commandments, in fact love for one’s neighbour is the proof of our love for God and not the numerous monetary offerings or offerings in kind that we make. Once we accept this truth and live it, we will also not be far from the Kingdom of God. 

Are we willing to reflect Christ to our neighbour?

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