The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Third Week Of Lent


Luke 18: 9-14

This passage is a continuation of the parable of the unjust Judge and widow. This parables core message is persisting in prayer brings victory in the life of a person. Through todays gospel parable Jesus teach his disciples the importance and the secret to win the favour of god. The Gospel passage says that 2 persons; the Pharisees and tax collector went to the temple to pray. While praying the Pharisee raised his voice and boasted about himself and thanked god for not creating him as a tax collector or sinner in the community. Pharisees showed themselves as holy and following religious obligation. On the other hand the tax collector who felt sorry and beat his breast and sought gods mercy for himself. While return home the tax collector wins the favour of God, as God heard and rewarded his prayer, whereas the Pharisees was already rewarded by the people gathered in the temple and his prayer is not heard by god the father.

The Lenten season is a special time of grace, a season of revival, a time to seek the Lords mercy, a time to mend ourselves, a time to come closer to God, a time to grow stronger in our spiritual life. Many Christian during the Lenten season become very serious and keep  observing religious obligation. Many are fast, pray and give alms to the poor and needy, during this period. Many start going to church regularly and do station of cross and reflecting on the Lord’s passion. Many go to a retreat at a prayer center, to renew their spiritual life, this way, during this season people seek to win God’s favour.

Similarly, Many Christian for name sake, or seek good will of the public by fasting, prayer and alms giving to poor people. These people are self centered and more concerned about their own selves and growth. Like the Pharisees they boast of their work and achievements publicly and the admiration of the public is the reward they get. These people keep a record of all works and actions done by themselves and boast of themselves whenever convinient and rewarding for themselves. 

Lets reflects on our own self are we following religious obligation to win the favour of God, like tax collector or win the favour of people like the Pharisees

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