The Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday In The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

Luke 21:20-28

In today’s scripture reading we see three things events being spoken of; first the destruction of Jerusalem, second the natural calamities that will take place before the End of Time and finally in verse 28 it speaks of the Parousia.

In and through these prophecies Jesus is calling us to be humble even as tells of the inevitability of the destruction of Jerusalem, that all who take note of these words of his will be saved if they listen to his words words. This is a saving call for everyone, through these prophecies, i.e. Christians as well as Jews. When the Romans came to destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD, the Christians remembered this prophecy and were saved. The Jews on the other hand in their pride, under the leadership resisted the Romans and were mercilessly slaughtered.

Verse 28 tells us that the Parousia (the second coming of the Lord) is at hand, hence do not be scared of the things happening around, but know and learn, with a humble heart, to read and understand the signs of the times, be open to Gods voice and to save ones self from destruction.

Holy Spirit help us to be humble and listen to your voice in our day to day actives and and stand firm in difficult and challenging times.

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