The Death of John the Baptist

The Death of John the Baptist


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

Of The Seventeeth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 14:1-12

John the Baptist began his ministry in Jerusalem and prepared a way for Messiah. He taught people and make their heart ready to welcome messiah in their home. He preached with full authority and condemned the unlawful acts of people thus people accepted him as prophet. He does not performed any miracles like Jesus in his ministry but through his preaching many people repent from their sin and become children of God.

John the Baptist lived a simple life and lived in wilderness. He had a strong relationship with God. He was trained and led by Holy spirit in his ministry. He  bravely confronted the unlawful act of King Herod. John the baptist stand firm on his preaching and condemned the king fault and for his righteous he was rewarded for death by King Herod.

Like John the Baptist in todays world we too sometimes receive death or persecution on account of righteous but we should afraid of the persecution instead be happy to suffer for the sake of righteous as Jesus in his sermon at mount said “Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.

Let’s us pray to holy spirit to fill us with his power to fight against all illegal activity and unlawful things in the society.

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