The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 5: <i>Spirit</i>

The Chosen :: Season2 Episode 5: Spirit

This episode begins with Jesse (the lame who was healed by Jesus in Episode 4) being questioned by Shmuel and Yami on his Healing. Their intent is to show Jesus is a false prophet, who has no regard and therefore violated Sabbath rules, and hence required to be persecuted.

In the forest we see Simon the Zealot who encounters Caleb, a person possessed by a demon. At first he thinks Caleb is a Roman but he soon catches on. What is interesting to see here is that Simon is not afraid to converse with Caleb or the demons. Is our faith as strong as Simon’s faith when it comes to witnessing to demons literally or metaphorically? What would it take for us to be able to face them?

John the Baptist was known for how he boldly confronted corrupt human authorities like Herod Antipas, to whom he announced God’s uncompromising Word. Just like John is about to confront Herod boldly, several other characters boldly confront a demonic force that refers to itself as Belial. One main sub-plot is Belial’s confrontation Mary, where he refers her as Lilith. Lilith is the name Mary was know previously by. Interestingly, Lilith is a demon’s name, and so its not surprising that the demon possessing Caleb recognised Mary as Lilith. As the old saying goes devil calls you by your sin and not you name. (Chosen – Season 1 Episode 1).

Throughout the episode, Mary also seems to be having trauma triggered by her past encounter with a Roman soldier where she was sexually assaulted  by a Roman soldier. Toward the end of the episode, she steps back from Jesus’ group and starts to lean towards her old way of life. When someone deals with past trauma or sins, we often say they’re confronting their demons. Perhaps The Chosen wants us to see a connect between how Mary is confronting a literal demon connected to her past to how she is also confronting her trauma.

Jesus and John the Baptist’s heart-warming encounter shows the difficulty in discerning what we are called to do and when we are called to do it. This conversation is also mirrored in another interaction between Jesus and Simon the Zealot where the former assassin is forced to question everything he has been taught about his mission in preparing the world for the Messiah.



  • Luke 4:31-37
  • Luke 3:1-20
  • Luke 6:7,11
  • John 5: 12-16
  • John 1: 21-23
  • Mark 6:17-19
  • Matthew 13:34-35



  1. The Pharisees cross-examine Jesse. Then Atticus also says to him, “I believe it was a miracle,” to which Jessie responds, “I know it was a miracle.” Do you believe in miracles even today? Why or why not?
  2. Mary is teaching Ramah to read, using scripture. She is also teaching Matthew on the side. What role does scripture reading play in your life? What fresh commitment can you make to reading the Bible?
  3. Simon the Zealot saves Mary from Caleb’s attack. What did you think about that encounter with the demon and how Jesus responded?
  4. Simon the Zealot asks Jesus, “Why do you need someone like me?” Jesus responded, “I have everything I need. But I wanted you.” How does that impact you in reference to Jesus’ wanting you?



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