Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The First Week Of Ordinary Time


Mark 2: 1-12

This passage in Mark’s gospel is the first of the five conflict stories in chapters 2 & 3. Jesus not only teaches with authority, but is also a compassionate healer who heals the sick wherever he goes. His preachings and charisma attract people to him to ask for healing. This passage also reveals his liberative thought process and understanding of the rules and regulations of the times. He is able to use daily life examples to teach simple truths and to make the people realise God’s love in different ways. 

The story of the paralytic brings to light the faith of the paralytic and even more, the faith of the people who bring him to Jesus. The perseverance that they show in overcoming the visible hurdle of the large crowds and yet finding a solution to lower him through the roof. Jesus reward their faith by forgiving the paralytic and healing him completely Extraordinary faith looks for extraordinary ways to achieve its intended goal. 

While the Pharisees who were part of the crowd question Jesus’ authority to forgive sins, he proves his authority by proceeding to heal the paralytic and commands him to pick up his pallet and walk. This miracle amazes the onlookers. Jesus’s actions reveal his attitude to sinners and his desire to bring God’s forgiving love into their life. 

Being in complete communion with God is our ultimate goal, only then can we experience God’s love and healing in our lives.  Are we willing to go that extra mile looking for the Lord, putting our problems and hurdles before him and asking him to help us overcome them?

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