The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 3: <i>Jesus Loves The Little Children</i>

The Chosen :: Season1 Episode 3: Jesus Loves The Little Children


Again like in the previous episode, there is no specific Gospel Passage to confirm the events shown in this episode, however there are many references that tell us that Jesus liked children.

This entire episode is dedicated to children and Jesus may come out as boring but serves in driving home some truths which we would otherwise cast aside. We are shown that the first of those who come to him is a girl, she is tentative at first and checks him out. Only when she is satisfied that he is relatively harmless, she approaches him the next day with a friend. Jesus appreciates the fact that the children were cautious did not approach him right away, but only came near to him once they were sure. Jesus compliments their caution by warning both of them that not all men are good and that they should be careful. The delightful part for me, is the many questions the children have for Jesus. They do not think before addressing their questions to him. The first child also encourages her friends to ask questions of Jesus and has faith that Jesus will answer their questions. Jesus on the other hand is delighted to be around children and wishes to teach them. He inquires if they know the “Shema prayer” and is shown later teaching them “The Lord’s prayer”.  He is frequently shown telling them stories, and teaching them how to sing.

A scene is depicted, where all the children and Jesus are in an animated discussion which ends in Jesus shedding light on “eye for an eye – it is in the law, why should I get punished”. Though this discussion is informal, Jesus reiterates the importance of respect for Teachers and honouring Parents. Jesus also corrects the children and provokes their thinking process about God and his justice. Another of the well portrayed scene is when the girls point to another of their friend and state that “she does not even go for Torah classes.”  So true, because in those days only men went to the study the Law and Scriptures. Women were not allowed, but that does not imply that women did not know the Scriptures. Therefore in this series we are shown that Scripture is taught to women by their fathers, as in the case of like Mary Magdalene in the First Episode.

Jesus, in this episode points out that everyone has a higher calling, a purpose specifically crafted for him/her. Responding to this call is matters. The episode ends with Jesus moving on from this camping site, leaving behind a thoughtful note and a gift for the first child he met.



  • What does Jesus mean, in Luke 18:17, when he says, “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”?


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