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Disclaimer: These are the Reviewer’s personal views on the series “The Chosen”- Season 1. These views may be inclined from the point of view/perspective of the Roman Catholic Church since the reviewer belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. “The Chosen” is a creatively developed series based on the Life of Jesus from the Gospels in the Bible. The reader is urged to read “The Holy Bible” to know Jesus and His mission better as the series is unable to explore the complete Bible story mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.


“The Chosen” and not “The Chosen One” – The choice of the title itself makes the audience involved in the series. Although, the series is based on the Life of Jesus, its interpretation focuses on the interactions and relationships that Jesus (“The Chosen One”) develops with His followers (i.e. “The Chosen” Apostles and even us today). The glimpse into the Human side of Jesus makes the experience of watching the series very personal and gives us a refreshing way to read and understand the Bible beyond traditional methods. Throughout the series the audience is given good cultural and political context or background of what the scenario in the days of Jesus would have been like. It also goes ahead and tries to fill imaginative scenes which would have not been specified in the Bible but would certainly need to be implied because of certain events that are mentioned in the Bible. The script of the series is mainly based on the New Testament and some references to the Old Testament, however you will see the characters referring to the scriptures of the Old Testament because in those days, the Jews knew their scriptures and were looking forward for the coming of the Messiah based on their understanding of the Holy Scriptures.  

However, being in the modern times, the series depicts a very progressive attitude about women in those days, which may not have been the case. The series accurately portrays the traditions of the Jews during those days. A good example would be of how the Jews calculated day and night. According to the Jews, their days started from sunset to sunset. And hence the Shabbat begins on Friday evening at 6pm and ends on Saturday evening before 6pm.

On the whole it is a pleasing and rewarding experience watching this series.

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  1. Hello friends,
    I am an ardent fan of the chosen series and I am extremely glad that there are others who are also watching it. I believe that this series is a great way to introduce the gospels to many who fail to perceive the apostles as ‘real’ individuals, with every day struggles. The series, in my opinion, is amazingly real in its depiction of the first century political and social climate. It is different from other media made in this genre, in that, it goes deeper into the lives of each one of the ‘chosen’ clan, so to speak. I highly recommend it to those who have not yet watched it. I also have a group of friends that meet every alternate week for a much more detailed bible sharing on these episodes. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to enrich your biblical awareness and gain deeper insight into the gospels through this medium of The Chosen.

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