The Birth of Jesus Foretold

The Birth of Jesus Foretold


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday In The Second Week Of Advent

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Luke 1:26-38

The Birth of Mary, the Mother of Jesus the Christ, is intrinsically tied with the Announcement and Birth of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, the all powerful, the Most Holy God being born of a human person. But humanity itself is tarnished by sin and the Sin of Adam. So how could the almighty be born of such a person?

We understand this in looking at Mary’s Virginity as the outward sign of the inward grace God filled her with. As some scholars would say, she is pre-gifted with the grace of Salvation, which would be won by Our Saviour and Lord – Jesus the Christ. She then is in a way in the state of Adam, before the Fall. This does not mean that she did not have to go through trials and temptations, but she had the inward disposition, i.e. God in her, who showered her with grace upon grace to meet all challenges in life, because she turned to Him in all and every circumstances.

As mentioned in the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant contained, the Tablets on which the Ten Commandments (The word of God) were written, The Jar of Manna that God fed the Israelites in the Desert during their Exodus from Egypt (Bread) and also the Staff of Aaron that budded flowers (Priest). Mary likewise is the New Ark of the Covenant, for in her womb we find God the Eternal Word, Jesus the Bread come down from Heaven and also the Eternal High Priest who stands before God Almighty, making intercession on our behalf.

Hallowed is she, because like John the Baptist, she is blessed by God singularly to bear such a privilege on our behalf, and her yes to God should also foreshadow our own yes to God.

Say with me then; ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, sinners, that we too like you may attain the blessedness of standing in the presence of God, filled with His Spirit, and filled with grace. Amen’

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