Salt and Light


Matthew 5:13-16

What does it mean to be Salt…? It is providing taste where everything is tasteless.

What does it mean to be Light…? It is bringing light to where there is only darkness.

What is being contrasted here is a life of meaning and a life meaninglessness. But Jesus is asking us to not seek meaning and hope. He is asking us to be the meaning and hope. In a way he is telling us to get you need to give, to have life you need to gift your life.

What Jesus is doing is simply drawing our attention to the fact that the world has been pointing in a certain direction; to get we need to be selfish and hoard. Jesus is saying such is not the path of contentment, meaning and satisfaction. God’s Word is telling us that to get we need to give.

Be the hope and meaning in someone’s life. In doing that, you will discover yourself. That is why Jesus shows the man who gave the Talents to his servants angry with the one who dug up and hid the talent… The whole thing is about us giving and expressing ourselves in service., we may not get great returns, but they will be satisfying and flavoured with meaning…